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What’s Slow Food Tours About?

Slow food tours are about travel, food, culture and people.

Cuba’s Farm life

Ever eaten a cashew straight off the tree? It does not start out as the nut we all know. Neither does coffee, or chocolate. Or a thousand other foods we love. When you travel, you learn by seeing, smelling and tasting in real life.  Food and travel were made for each other. That’s why I started this website.

Do you seek out farmers’ markets when you travel? Do you enjoy visiting people who grow and make food on their own bit of turf?  Are you smitten with the freshness of farm to table foods? How about gardening and growing some of your own food? Do you enjoy learning about the origins of foods, the people and the cultures that created them?

You could tick off “all of the above” for me.

Notes From a Converted Slow Traveller

George Duffy on computer photo

I’m a traveller, a blogger, and I plan special interest tours for people and groups.

During my career I’ve had the chance to experience more than my share of places, people and food. I’ve tried fresh oysters cooked on a campfire while kayaking in British Columbia, tasted exquisite wines in Australia’s Hunter Valley and sampled mounds of seasoned quinoa in the high Andes in Peru. Somewhere along the trip I read about the slow food movement and the result is this blog site for travel inspiration.

I’ll post stories on food, on food people I meet, and on destinations I’ve found during my travels and research. I’ll also post stories and other media I’ve culled from the internet. And, I will also post links to tours and other events that are slow. More info about me here.

Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia, Touris
Where does the “Slow” word come from?

“Slow” comes from a group of people in the 80’s who created the phrase slow food which is really much more than food. It’s about taking time to experience what life has to offer. And it’s also about respect for diversity, for authenticity and for caring about Terra Madre. Read more about the origins of slow food here.

Life on earth has evolved slowly over millions of years. Let’s not be in such a rush to change it. It’s a pretty good place.


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(The painting on this page shows life in rural Cuba and was taken from a casa particulare wall in Vinales. It was signed “del la Torra, 2015”)

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