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slow tours example photo vietnamese lady with onions
Slow Tours: food, culture, people, travel. Photo by Paul Morris on Unsplash

Do you love to travel and explore? Are you captivated by the idea of being immersed in different cultures, tasting the foods, meeting makers, and staying in charming inns and hotels? Do you enjoy walking side streets and quiet paths to see what life is really like for people who live in the place you are visiting? Slow tours are all of the above.

I love to travel and experience life. Food is always a part of the travel experience and some of the best food experiences I’ve had have been in unexpected places. (Like being dropped by emergency military chopper into a village the Andes between torrential rain showers and eating the best brick oven pizza ever in the cozy nook of a local cafe. You can read more about me and my services here.)

This website, slowtours.org was created to introduce places to travel and explore. I’ll post stories on food, on food people I meet, on destinations I’ve found and interesting tours and events you can experience.

“Slow” is much more than food. It’s really about taking time out to experience what life has to offer, right now. (Want to learn more about the Slow movement? See this post on the Slow Food Slowtours connection.) Slow tours are food, friends, fun and travel.

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In the meantime, slow down, live life and travel well.

I hope you enjoy the site.


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