Local Sourcing and Vanilla Spice Tour — Costa Rica

Villa Vanilla is a local farm near Quepos that offers a vanilla spice tour,  and also has cocoa and other natural products. Arenas del Mar uses this farm for about 90% of our needs!

You can get a first hand look at how popular spices, such as vanilla, cocoa, true ceylon cinnamon, turmeric and black pepper are all grown and harvested. This fascinating tour takes you through the farm and ends with a tasting of specialty food and tea using the farm grown spices. You can even shop and bring spices home for your family to enjoy!

The tour starts with a drive through rural Costa Rica to arrive at the farm. Once you arrive, you will be greeted by your tour guide and given an overview of the farm and harvesting process. You will even be able to taste some cocoa beans, fresh cinnamon and guava.

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Arriving and getting around in Costa Rica can be a headache if you come on your own and don’t speak Spanish. I can help with prearranged transfers and guides. Contact me to get a quote for a fully prepared package or tour and you’ll savour your experience without stress.