Salmon, Salmon, Salmon (and wine)

The sockeyes have made it to Adam’s river, and so have the salmon enthusiasts. By the thousands!

The Fraser river sockeye salmon run has been publicized world wide and according to the Salmon Arm visitor’s center, it is all people are asking about. Visitors from as far as Germany have asked about the best place to see the salmon. Signs on the Trans-Canada highway announce “Watch for Traffic Congestion Ahead”.

The salmon started their migration from the Pacific about the 3rd week of August making their way back to the small streams they originally hatched 4 years ago. They start at the mouth of the mighty Fraser river and fight the current all the way.

Now in the first week of October a portion of them have made it to one of the best viewing sites at the Adam’s River between Salmon Arm and Kamloops, near Squilax at the Roderick-Haig Brown Provincial park. The peak run is expected around the second week of October, and so are the tourists.

Slowtourists should try to come during weekdays since the park gets absolutely jammed.

Also in the area, we visited the Larch Hills winery just south of Salmon Arm on the way to Vernon. They are one of the most northerly located wineries in the world and have a commanding from their perch in the hills. They produce some very crisp clean white wines. We tried the Siegerrebe, The Madelaine Angevine, Gerwurtztraminer, Ortega and their blend called Northern Lights.  All were light, fruity and fermented quite completely with lots of floral tones. My personal favourite was the Northern Lights, made from the four grapes they grow onsite.

So, what could go better than Salmon and wine?