University of Gastronomic Sciences – Slow Food Studies

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For students that have a desire to help change how we think and act about food, I came across the University of Gastronomic Sciences on the Slowfood International website. There are undergraduate and post graduate degree programs with interesting curricula. In each year, there are field trips to various places in Europe to see and learn about food growing, preparing, marketing and distribution. The annual dues include a great deal of the costs.

There are three main programs: undergraduate, graduate, and professional training. The undergraduate program is three years, and the masters graduate program is two years.

The university’s aim is to build academic credibility for gastronomy while acknowledging that learning about food takes place through the mind and body, the heart and gut, as well as through all of our senses. To date, nearly 2000 students from 70 countries have attended.

Alongside its more conventional academic programs, UNISG also offers advanced training courses which combine theoretical and practical learning, in collaboration with some of the Italian food world’s most dynamic businesses.

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The University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) came to being in 2004, becoming the first university of its kind and offering a holistic approach to slow food studies. This is exactly the kind of new thinking in education we need in all countries to help prepare our current and future food producers, policy makers and professionals.

Source: University of Gastronomic Sciences – Our network – Slow Food International